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Amy's Fantasies
- Emi's Fantasies -

Amy's Fantasies - picture 1
Amy's Fantasies - Picture 2

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Amy's Fantasies - Kyoko
Amy's Fantasies - Emi
Amy's Fantasies - Hitomi
Amy's Fantasies - Kaori
Amy's Fantasies - Sumire
Amy's Fantasies - Rie
Amy's Fantasies - Tomomi

Genre: Sex Game Producer: Himeya Soft Publisher: C's ware
Info: Hi, I'm Emi, but don't call me Amy, because I have a secret... Sometimes I'm a student, sometimes a nurse, sometimes even a maid... My father died suddenly last year, leaving me with a huge debt. I know my body and soul aren't objects, but... But I have an unbelievable secret...If only you knew, I'd...

In Amy's fantasies, from Himeya Soft, you play the part of Emi, a high-school senior with a very strong love for her younger step-brother (your father married his mother after both of you were born). She finally decides that it is time to confess her love to him, since it is near her 18th birthday.

But, before the climactic moment where you can confess your love, debt collectors arrive to confiscate your fathers properties, and Tomomi goes missing! Now you have to go find, and save, your one true love, as well as confessing to him your true feelings.

Throughout the game, which is divided into three separate chapters, Emi is put into a variety of bizarre situations as she looks for her missing step-brother.

While looking for her brother, Emi is tempted by all sorts of distractions; and starts to develop a 2nd personality, Amy. Whereas Emi simply wants to find Tomomi and tell him that she loves him, Amy wants something else. The interaction of Emi/Amy with all the other characters simply adds to the humor.

A classic bishoujo comedy game, playing the game through a young females perspective increases the enjoyment -- not only does Emi fall in love with her non-related brother but she is running into all sorts of uncanny trouble along the way to finding her love Tomomi.

source: rightstuf
three different sex stories
+ some funny moments
- blocky graphics
- small game screen
- no music under WinXP
Kai's comment: The three stories, that take place on different locations with the same characters but different roles are fun. Unfortunately a bit outdated and not 100% compatible to Windows XP.

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