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Warning: the following section contains links to external websites.
These sites may contain nudity and sexuality related themes.
Please confirm that you are at least 18 years old before clicking on any link. is not responsible for the content of linked websites.

publisher who converted titles like Tokimeki Checkin!, Brave Soul and Gibo to English. Check their page for new releases.

publisher who converted titles like Crescendo, Chain and Do You Like Horny Bunnies to English. Check their page for new releases.

the anime review site of Rowena Lim Lei. You can find lots of anime, manga, hentai and bishojo game reviews there.

a great site dedicated to hentai animes, mangas and bishojo games.

hundreds of reviews of japanese video games. Also features game company infos, walkthroughs and savegames.

the English Bishojo World. Bishojo game reviews, character profiles, guides, pictures and downloads.

a list of all bishojo games translated to english. Most with a short description and a rating.

do you have problems to run your favoritebBishojo game under your operating system? Try this page.

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