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Rating System

All ratings, except the user rating, are my subjective personal opinion.
Graphics, sound, story and complexity are rated on a 10 points scale. The lowest rating is 1, the highest 10. Ecchi Lv and the final rating are also based on that scale, just double the number of whips or stars to get the 1-10 rating.
If something does not apply to the game at all, a N/A pic will be put in the cell.

+*10=excellent9 = very good8 = good7 = good6 = average5 = average*+
The resolution, number of colors and general quality of the artwork. And of course the beauty of the bishojos. Some games that offer only a tiny gamescreen will lose points here.
Sound The quality of the speech, ambient sound and background music of the game. A game with clear, fitting character speech and a wide variety of music tracks would get the highest rating.
Story The originality and depth of the storyline. I am a fan of good stories, so games that shine in this field have a good chance on a high final rating.
Complexity The number of choices and game elements the game offers to change the story.
Ecchi Lv The amount of sexual practises or attitudes in the game that would be considered as abnormal or perverted by the public. This rating has nothing to do with the quality of the game.
Note: This is NOT a rating of the general amount of hentai scenes and the explicity of these. Since almost all games contain large amounts of uncensored sexuality, in my eyes there is no need for it.
Final Rating My general impression of the game. This is not automatically the average of the graphics, sound, story and complexity rating, rather an indicator for the amount of fun you will have with this game. The Ecchi Lv has no impact on this rating.
User Rating The score, the visitors of this site would give the game. Results will only be shown when at least 5 different people gave their vote. (not yet implemented)
bbBB4 = poor3 = poor2 = very poor1 = very poorn/aBBbb

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