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Come See Me Tonight 2
- Watashini Konya Ainikite 2 -

Come See Me Tonight 2 - picture 1
Come See Me Tonight 2 - picture 2

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Final Rating
8 = good
8 = good
7 = good
6 = average

Come See Me Tonight 2 - Nanao
Come See Me Tonight 2 - Koruri
Come See Me Tonight 2 - Sheena
Come See Me Tonight 2 - Takaya
Come See Me Tonight 2 - Kensuke
Come See Me Tonight 2 - Minami

Genre: Dating Sim Producer: Sekilala Publisher: G-Collections

Info: Three shrine maidens are competing to be chosen as princess shrine maidens and to perform their dances as the feature at the harvest festival.
Kensuke, as a junior priest, learns to enjoy the trainingwith the shrine maidens on his way to becoming a high priest!
His grandfather says, Choose your shrine maiden by the time of the festival; you will make love to her in a sacred ritual following the performance.
Living with his lovely maidens, Kensuke is immersed in all the pleasure a man could ever dream of, or so it seems...

source: Cover text
high quality artwork
+ provides some insights into the japanese culture
- getting the girls is no challenge at all
- few differences between the girls besides their appearance
- few exciting moments
Kai's comment: Similar to the first part. This time it features at least an interesting, but not outstanding story.

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Come See Me Tonight 2 - Pictures Collection
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