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Critical Point
- Critical Point -

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Critical Point - Carla Benedict
Critical Point - Reiko Shinozuka
Critical Point - Monica Brown
Carla Benedict
Reiko Shinozuka
Monica Brown
Critical Point - Julietta Thorndike
Critical Point - Elise Triad
Critical Point - Maretta Dias
Julietta Thorndike
Elise Triad
Maretta Dias
Critical Point - Lei Wong
Lei Wong

Genre: Adventure Producer: Sweet Basil Publisher: Peach Princess

Info: In the early 21st century, a sudden shortage of food and energy sparked World War III, a massive conflict that saw the deaths of millions and brought the population of Earth to 15% of its prewar level. Years later, an uneasy calm has descended on humanity, although a state of war still technically exists. Four power blocks that share control of the moon and the Earth, each looking for a weakness they can exploit against the others.

The year is 2037, and you are Captain Leiji Osumi of the Free Alliance Space Force, formerly a fighter pilot in the War. Your past is haunted by a terrible incident that caused you to change careers, transferring to the top-secret intelligence division. When a series of technical problems on the Free Alliance Moon Base D-02 hint at sabotage, you are dispatched to get to the bottom of things, under the cover of "Technical Advisor."

The military learned long ago that women are better adapted to lonely assignments in space, and so the base is staffed almost entirely by females. Arriving at the base, you discover that an inexplicable sexual insanity has gripped its normally professional staff, prompting further investigation. Are these strange occurrences connected with the sabotage somehow? You have to untangle the mystery and get things back on track before one of the other power blocs notices that anything is amiss and tries to attack.

The story for Critical Point was written by Kenichi Matsuzaki, who was heavily involved with Macross (Robotech), the original Gundam series, Orgus and Bubblegum Crisis. Various bonus materials, including a translated interview with the writer on his works, is included with the game.

A rich erotic space mystery with 24 unique endings and a satisfying science fiction plot, Critical Point is a bold sci-fi mystery adventure with many interesting twists and turns in the story. An excellent and fresh new game concept, from Peach Princess!

source: rightstuf
very sweet bishojos
+ wonderful voice actors
+ a complex story with a lot of endings
- since choices are not rational, you will never know what effects they will have
- some abrupt endings
Kai's comment: One of the very few bishojo games with a science fiction theme. This adventure is very well done and one of my favorites, so if you have the chance - get it!

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Critical Point - Pictures Collection
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