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Fatal Relations
- Kindan No Ketuzoku -

Fatal Relations  - picture 1
Fatal Relations  - picture 2

Ecchi Lv
Final Rating
5 = average
5 = average
4 = poor
1 = very poor

Fatal Relations  - Maid Sayori
Fatal Relations  - Reika
Fatal Relations  - Shizune
Maid Sayori
Fatal Relations  - Aya
Fatal Relations  - Miyuki
Fatal Relations  - Yuko
Fatal Relations  - Mrs. Hayami
Mrs. Hayami

Genre: Sex Game Producer: Himeya Soft Publisher: C's ware

Info: Your parents die and your fate changes when a millionaire wants to adopt you, so you naturally jump at the chance. You move into her mansion right away, and a charming old widow and her lovely daughters meet you. The sweet smell of her daughters lures you into a world of pleasure. As you drown in unbelievable pleasure, you learn the unspeakable secret of the family. It is simply...

A classic bishoujo game for all collectors, explore the bizarre erotic side of the wealthy. With a great story and characters, we think you'll love it!

source: Cover
unexpected turnarounds in the story
+ a lot of hentai scenes without effort
- no choices that affect the story
- outdated graphics with a fixed resolution
- getting to the next event requires serious searching and clicking work
Kai's comment: If you like hopping from one sex event to the other you should consider buying this game. All others who expect a serious story and a bit game depth would make a mispurchase.

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Fatal Relations - Pictures Collection
Note: as there is no age check on this page, these pictures had to be censored. The real game does not have these censorships!

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