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Kana - Little Sister
Kana - Imouto

Kana Little Sister - picture 1
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Kana Little Sister - Sumako
Kana Little Sister - Yumi
Kana Little Sister - Kana
Kana Little Sister - Miki
Kana Little Sister - Cana
Kana Little Sister - Yuta

Genre: Adventure Producer: Digital Object Publisher: G-Collections

Info: You are Takamichi Toudou, age 20. Kana, your little sister, carries a deadly disease, and there's no knowing what's to become of her. A rich game populated by some of the most heart-wrenching scenes in the history of Japanese bishoujo gaming, this is a title you won't want to miss!

You have a sister two years younger than you. Her name is Kana. She has been ill all her life, and she spends more time in the hospital than at home. Because of this, Kana has always been a higher priority than you. In the past, you have experienced feelings of hatred towards her.

However, this all changes one day, and you suddenly find yourself being more and more protective of Kana. Throughout her terrible ordeal, your feelings for each other slowly begin to change. You feel it's your duty to protect Kana from all harm. After all, you love your sister, and would do anything to save your little sister Kana...even...

source: G-Collections
high quality artwork
+ a deep and serious storyline
+ atmospheric music
- its hard for one to control the storyline by selecting the right choices
- after playing this game will leave you in a sad mood
- few hentai scenes

Kai's comment: Serious stories are rare among bishojo games. This game has one and though the sickness theme may be a bit overdone, it will change the way you look at things. Probably the only bishojo game that could make one cry - and one of the best English bishojo games ever.

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Kana Little Sister - Pictures Collection
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