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Kango Shicyauzo Voice Plus
- I'm Gonna Nurse You -

Kango Shicyauzo Voice Plus - picture 1
Kango Shicyauzo Voice Plus - picture 2

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6 = average

Kango Shicyauzo Voice Plus - Chisa
Kango Shicyauzo Voice Plus - Momiji
Kango Shicyauzo Voice Plus - Nanana
Kango Shicyauzo Voice Plus - Kaede
Kango Shicyauzo Voice Plus - Emi

Genre: Dating Sim Producer: Trabulance Publisher: G-Collections

Info: Let's go to Saint Michael's Nursing School!
Kango Shicyauzo is an adventure game utilizing a multi-ending system. Shinobu Nakagawa is a brand-new doctor at Saint Michael's Nursing School. Experience what unfolds when he is unexpectedly transferred to the nursing school as a substitute teacher...! With cute nurse interns at every corner, the school is overflowing with philanthropic spirit. These babes are all waiting, so let's go check it out!!

Shinobu is the hero in our story. During junior high school, his father and mother pass away, and he is taken in by the Maioka family. He aims at becoming an acclaimed doctor like his father was, and he sets out at Saint Michael's General Hospital as a pediatrician. Life suddenly has many unexpected changes when he is transferred to Saint Michael's Nursing School. Our hero's foster mother, Kaede Maioka, was the first woman he ever fell in love with. He even proposed to her once, so he can never turn her down for anything. He loves little children, and he's pretty lenient with girls.

source: Help file
+ girls are really beautiful
+ good graphics and sound
+ humorous plot
- plain story
- whole scenario is a bit unreal
- black edge around the characters
Kai's comment: Playing the doctor in a nurse school is fun, all girls adore you and you just have to pick the girl you like. This game has a lot of romantic moments but lacks really exciting situations.

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Kango Shicyauzo - Pictures Collection
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