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Paradise Heights 2
- Rakuenso 2 -

Paradise Heights 2  - picture 1
Paradise Heights 2  - picture 2

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Final Rating
5 = average
4 = poor
2 = very poor
2 = very poor

Paradise Heights 2  - Saeko
Paradise Heights 2 - Kayo
Paradise Heights 2 - Ayako
Paradise Heights 2 - Tamami
Paradise Heights 2 - Harumi
Paradise Heights 2 - Miki
Paradise Heights 2 - Shiro
Paradise Heights 2 - Suzuko

Genre: Sex Game Producer: Foster Publisher: Otaku

Info: The Paradise Heights apartment has changed after half of your uncle's company got liquidated. After the money went, so did some of the tenants. Now Keigo Nakadai (You) works for a toy making company (but still stays at Paradise Heights).

Rumor has it that a competiting company is stealing your brilliant ideas...and the source of the leak is someone with high rank in your company! Fortunately, the new tenants also work at the company as you join forces with them to find out who is conducting industrial espionage behind your well as some entertainment on the side...

source: note
some nice drawings
+ a lot of sexual interactions
- almost no story
- outdated user interface with repeating text passages
- no real choices, therefore no replayability value
Kai's comment: The story contains nothing but plain sex and you can't influence the gameflow in any way. So this "game" is no challenge at all. Play this if you have got only a few minutes of time.

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Paradise Heights 2 - Pictures Collection
Note: as there is no age check on this page, these pictures had to be censored. The real game does not have these censorships!

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