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- Ring Out Pro Lesring -

Ringout 95  - picture 1
Ringout 95  - picture 2

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Final Rating
5 = average
4 = poor
6 = average
2 = very poor

Ringout 95 - Wildcat
Do YoRingout 95 - Aya
Ringout 95 - Queen Mika
Wildcat Homma
Aya Mitsuzaki
Queen Mika
Ringout 95 - Man in black
Ringout 95 - Lesring Owner
Ringout 95 - Fat Man
Man In Black
Lesring owner
Fat Man

Genre: Sex Game Producer: ZyX Publisher: Otaku

Info: Forced into a life of underground lesbian wrestling by her parents' debts to loan sharks, Aya is a pretty girl fallen on hard times. An 18 year old virgin, she fights in the ring under the name of Sacrifice Aya.
What the is Lesring!?
Two beautiful women wearing nothing but their underwear must bring each other to orgasm in a wrestling ring. They can use any dirty tricks they like. Meanwhile, important figures from the political and business world watch from the sidelines, ready to bid for the pleasure of the loser's company. If she survives the match.

source: Help file
interesting setting
+ beautiful lingerie pics
+ supports more languages than english like German and French
+ pictures use the full screen size
- game is a bit short
- no choices that affect the story, no replayability value
- outdated user interface with repeating text passages
Kai's comment: Interesting theme, but short and straightforward gameplay. Zero replayability. Since it features a lot of nice lingerie pics it is worth playing at least once.

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Ringout 95 - Pictures Collection
Note: as there is no age check on this page, these pictures had to be censored. The real game does not have these censorships!

How to get this game:
This game is not sold anymore.
You may look at for it.
Or at several peer to peer networks.
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