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Sensei 2
- Teacher 2 -

Sensei 2 - picture 1
Sensei 2 - picture 2

Ecchi Lv
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Sensei 2 - Shoko Aoyama
Sensei 2 - Yuko Seno
Sensei 2 - Sachiho Izumi
Shoko Aoyama
Yuko Seno
Sachiho Izumi
Sensei 2 - Kyono Ito
Sensei 2 - Kumiko Sawada
Kyono Ito
Kumiko Sawada

Genre: Weird Stuff Producer: Digital Object Publisher: G-Collections

Info: Growing up in the same household. A sudden parting and an unexpected reunion, of the natural love between experience and innocence.
A teacher and student. An invisible wall separates them.
She suddenly confesses her truth: "I'm engaged to be married. "
Finally, he realizes the depths of his yearning for her, moving around inside him like a tangible thing. He hears the voice inside him, crying out to possess her.
The warning bells ring. But by then it is far too late

Sister and brother...
A sudden parting and an unexpected reunion.

A teacher and a student...
There is an invisible wall between them.

She suddenly confesses,
"I'm engaged..."

Finally, he realizes the "existence,"
which is writhing around in his body.

He hears IT saying,
"I want to 'POSSESS' her."

The warning bells start ringing.

source: Help file
each girl is involved in a different story
+ this game is a way to act out your dark desires (if you have any)
+ offers a wide variety of sexual techniques
- unrealistic storyline, e.g. sex-crazed women without will
- no option to play a good guy
- black edge around the characters
Kai's comment: Shuichi has a dark personality and likes to punish women. Since this piece of software also offers very abnormal ways you do this, this is definitely no game for everybody.

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Sensei 2 - Pictures Collection
Note: as there is no age check on this page, these pictures had to be censored. The real game does not have these censorships!

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