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Sexy Beach 2
- Japanese with English FanTranslation -

Sexy Beach 2 - picture 1
Sexy Beach 2 - picture 2

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Sexy Beach 2 - Reona
Sexy Beach 2 - Youko
Sexy Beach 2 - Rika
Sexy Beach 2 - Mai
Sexy Beach 2 - Chisa
Sexy Beach 2 - Baeru

Genre: Dating Sim Producer: Illusion Publisher: Illusion

Info: It is the paradise floating on Nankai here. The island of the everlasting summer which is beyond a mirage. Sexy island. What occurrence is awaiting sure enough on this island? I will pass several days from today here. The free experience version software by which network distribution was carried out. When it was downloaded, all began from from. And the lottery number which appeared simultaneously with a play end. The investigated success-in-an-election number was in agreement with my number. The ticket of the invitation tour to a southern paradise arrived at hand several days after. It is fortunate with much trouble. It is not it a joke to part with the tail held as it is. In this way, I participated in the DreamsTours plan "Sexy Beach 2."

awesome 3D graphics
+ very beautiful girls
+ all bishojos have cute voices
- repetitive gameplay
- no story, only small dialogues
- the fansub only translates the menu structure and character sheets
Kai's comment: I would not call this a "game", since the gameplay is lousy, but it is definitely one of the best looking bishojo games available. You can dress your chosen girl and interact with her in several ways. This is fun for some time and the stunning graphics and cute voices partially make up for the lack of story. But all non-hardcore hentai freaks will be bored after a while.

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Sexy Beach 2 - Pictures Collection
Note: as there is no age check on this page, these pictures had to be censored. The real game does not have these censorships!

How to get this game:

This game (Japanese version) is
available at

The English FanTranslation is available at several peer-to-peer networks (just search for sexy beach 2 English)

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