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Silver - Giniro
- Silver Giniro -

Silver Giniro - picture 1
Silver Giniro - picture 2

Ecchi Lv
Final Rating
8 = good
7 = good
8 = good
7 = good

Silver Giniro - Ayame
Silver Giniro - Gisuke
Silver Giniro - Ayame
Silver Giniro - Sagiri
Silver Giniro - Asana
Silver Giniro - Yuna
Silver Giniro - Isuna

Genre: Adventure Producer: Nekoneko Publisher: Nekoneko

Info: A lonely girl lives an empty life. Kept in a brothel, the muscle in one of her legs has been cut to keep her there. One night she escapes and meets Gisuke, a murderer whose parents died in an epidemic when he was a child....

Ayame lives in a shinto shrine together with the priest. It is a hard life since her parents died in the flood. One day a stranger appears to live with them. She recognizes that she loves him but he does not know about her fate...

Isuna is searching for the silver thread that will make all wishes come true, to release the world from war and fear. Will she ever find it...

source: Kai
beautiful ambient sounds
+ huge amount of artwork
+ deep storyline
- poor English translation
- few choices affect the storyline
- difficult installation
Kai's comment: Sad and dark stories of ancient times. Beautiful graphics and only fragments of music are used to tell these tragic tales. Strange to western players, but worth playing.

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Silver Giniro - Pictures Collection
Note: as there is no age check on this page, these pictures had to be censored. The real game does not have these censorships!

How to get this game:
This game is not sold anymore. It was only available as Japan import version.
You may look at for it.
You may look at for it.
Or at several peer to peer networks.
(confirm legality before doing this)

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