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Tokimeki Checkin
- Tokimeki Check in! -

Tokimeki Checkin  - picture 1
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8 = good

Tokimeki Checkin  - Ayumi
Tokimeki Checkin  - Yuki
Tokimeki Checkin  - Makoto
Tokimeki Checkin  - Natsuki
Tokimeki Checkin  - Kumi
Tokimeki Checkin  - Nanami
Tokimeki Checkin  - Keiko
Tokimeki Checkin  - Mai
Tokimeki Checkin  - Kyoka
Tokimeki Checkin  - Misato

Genre: Dating Sim Producer: Crowd Publisher: Peach Princess

Info: You are Takayuki Yamano, the reluctant operator of Yamano Inn, which you took over from your parents after graduating from college. An average Japanese youth who's more than a little bit of a slacker, you wanted more than anything to get away from the inn where you grew up by trying to get a job in Tokyo - but here you are. It's hard work, but you don't mind being around your childhood friend Ayumi and the spunky but cute Makoto, who work with you in the inn.

You don't have time for moaning, as every day is a busy one at Yamano Inn. This morning, three lovely guests arrive from Tokyo. Nanami is the giggly type, and Kumi is young and curious. The tomboyish Natsuki is hard to be around, but with any luck you can tame her, and maybe get lucky in the deal.

Yuki, another guest at the inn, is a bit of an anachronism: an idol and "talent" that no one's buying, but if you can let her know her inner beauty, she might reward you. Kiyoka is a complex person, a sad girl with a mysterious past - she seems to be yearning for some kind of comfort that you may be able to supply.

Having so many beautiful girls around you no doubt leads to some sexual excitement, and you never were able to resist the urge to peek at heavenly bodies enjoying a bath in the hot springs. But when the lovely angels around you get in the mood, it might be time to make some beautiful music.

source: Cover text
many adorable girls with individual character traits and backgrounds
+ character voices are very well done
+ explicit and detailed hentai scenes
- individual stories are a bit short
- available choices often give no clue about their effect
Kai's comment: Tokimeki Checkin! was one of the first newer bishojo games I played and I love it. A lot of lovely girls with individual stories combined with good music and excellent speech. Get this!

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Tokimeki Checkin  - Pictures Collection
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