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Water Closet
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Water Closet  - picture 1
Water Closet  - picture 2

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4 = poor

Water Closet  - Reika Toi
Water Closet  - Shouko Habakari
Water Closet  - Ikumi Mitarai
Reika Toi
Shouko Habakari
Ikumi Mitarai
Water Closet  - Doctor
Water Closet  - Setsuko Nagare
Water Closet  - Julyne Kawaya
Setsuko Nagare
Julyne Kawaya
Water Closet  - Nicholson

Genre: Weird Stuff Producer: Will's Guilty Publisher: Peach Princess

Info: This is a great bishoujo title with a fresh twist on being naughty. The first multi-character, multi-path game of its kind, this amazing game allows you to choose one of five different female characters and play through different scenarios from that character's point of view. Explore a cornucopia of forbidden themes as you assume the personalities of each of the characters and play through all parts of the interconnected story.

For example, you can play the game as Ikumi-chan, a traditional girl from a conservative Japanese family. Her love is the Japanese tea ceremony, but she's got one problem: bladder control. Whenever Ikumi-chan gets nervous, such as when she's on a date with a guy she likes, she gets an incredible urge to urinate. Frustrated by her problem, she consults a urologist at the Will Century Building.

Once you've finished Ikumi's story, you can play as another character - the nurse at Ikumi's urologist office, Julyne. She's a clumsy but well-meaning girl who tries to do her best. When she accidentally spills Ikumi's urine sample, she substitutes her own... with bizarre results. (She's half-Japanese, half-Canadian, which is why she's got that "golden" hair.)

Reika's a top model, very sexy, and knows it... ojousama (debutante) to the max. Unfortunately, she also has a bit of a constipation, when she runs into Julyne, she gets some laxative medicine from her. But when she's assigned to do a photoshoot as her laxative starts to kick in, things may get a little embarrassing

Setsuko is a naive senior in high school, always full of questions. Whether trying to learn how to use a tampon or maintain her health through masturbation, she's certainly methodical in everything she does. And Shoko is a wealthy, bored woman - her husband owns the Will Century Building, but he's away on business so much, she has to make do with whatever round, thick vegetables she can find at the market.


source: Cover text
nice graphics
+ detailed hentai scenes
+ not the usual stuff
- stories are too short
- partially dull plots
- choices give no clue to their effects
Kai's comment: People with a fecal fetish might like this game, all others should be careful as there are scenes that could make one sick. Nevertheless its good to see releases for minority groups.

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Water Closet - Pictures Collection
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